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Condominium and Housing Juristic Person

A condominium project or a housing project is developed by property developer who then delivers ownership of individual residential unit to individual owner and the common property to co-owners. 
In order to maintain the common property, the Condominium Juristic Person or Housing Juristic Person is appointed to serve the purpose.
Once the condominium is completed and the occupancy commences, it is common practice for the developer to appoint a Condominium Juristic Person to manage the condominium’s common property. Despite of its non-registered title, the Condominium Juristic Person shall perform its duties at its best competence.  

In order to stipulate the most stress-free and smooth transaction and operation for all parties possible, it is vital to a condominium developer to appoint a Condominium Juristic Person who is capable to understand the developer’s nature of business and willing to, within their jurisdiction and without compromising the co-owners, work with the developer rather than against the developer.

Once the housing project is completed and the developer wishes to remove himself from the duty of maintaining the common facilities, the developer or house owners must arrange for the Housing Juristic Person to be established to accept the common facilities from the developer. 
For a housing project completed after year 2000, if the Housing Juristic Person is not established within the stipulated time and the developer insists to remove himself from the duty of maintaining the common facility, the facilities may be converted into the public facilities and the government body shall have authorisation over such facilities.

Condominium Juristic Person and Housing Juristic Person shall have the objectives to manage and maintain the common property with the power to do any acts for the benefits of the said objectives. 

It is extremely important for the condominium or the housing project and the co-owners to have the Juristic Person with a thorough knowledge of both legal and operational aspect of the Juristic Person’s roles and duties.

For the condominium case, as 49 per cent of the ownership of condominium is allowed for foreigner, there is quite a substantial amount of interaction and communication between the Condominium Juristic Person and the co-owners that require English language. 

Not being able to communicate with the Condominium Juristic Person, who is in charge of your benefit, in the business level is a living nightmare. 
You can avoid this by selecting the team with business-level English communication and mediation skill.

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